“Before they read words, children are reading pictures.”
David Wiesner

Joanna Watts

Joanna Watts

As a young girl I often had my nose buried in an Enid Blyton book, dreaming of days where I could head off on adventures with The Famous Five. Now as an adult, I enjoy creating my own stories … but for little ones 2-6 years.
Picture books that children, parents, caregivers and teachers can enjoy, with compelling words, and beautiful illustrations.
I believe that you are never too young, or too old, to enjoy a story!
My Story 

Little Lessons

Gently weaving subtle messages into each story.

Sweet Characters

Adorable and relatable characters for little book lovers.

Beautiful Illustrations

Cute, inspiring art that tickles the imagination.

When Duck Got Stuck

A simple message about why it’s important to take our rubbish home lies at the heart of When Duck Got Stuck, along with the idea that we all need help sometimes – an important message for small children.
This gentle and heart-warming picture book is perfect for 2-5 year olds.
Meet Duck, Lou and Pru

Picture Books

Cover of the Book When Duck Got Stuck
Through the interplay of words and illustrations, children can immerse themselves in the make believe. Be anyone, anyplace … and enjoy a whole heap of adventures along the way!
Picture books not only encourage a child’s imagination to sparkle, but also promotes a love of words and reading.


Joanna Watts smiling at the camera
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Lou and Pru looking at each other

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