Pressing the launch button

By Joanna Watts

My story was written, illustrations finished, formatting complete, and Amazon was waiting for me to press submit.  However, I found myself staring at the screen, scared to press the button that would take my little story out into the world.

And then I remembered why I started this project; for my daughter and other small children who enjoy picture books.  Could my story encourage a child's imagination to sparkle, promote a love of words and reading, and allow them to immerse themselves in innocent adventure, and gently think about animals and their precious environment?  If there was even a remote chance of this, then I simply had to go for it!

One week on and who knows where When Duck Got Stuck will go; I hope into the hands of many children here in Australia, the UK and other small (or large) corners of the world.



The green light …

By Joanna Watts

Do you ever have that inner critic voice sabotage a thought or idea that you have about yourself and your dreams?  Telling you that you can’t do it, you’re not clever enough, and that there are people out there that will do it WAY better that you?

Well I did … until I stepped back and pushed that thought away, and chose to believe that I can and am capable of anything I put my mind to … particularly if it comes from a place of love and passion, hurts no one, and has a positive effect on people and the world.

And so whatever your creative project, do not wait for the light to be green to give it a go. START! Find a mentor or someone that will guide and support you, and champion you and your creativity.

With focus, consistency and a big dollop of unwavering faith, who knows where it will take you!

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